Photos: Caged Activists in Tokyo Protest Olympic Egg Cruelty

Posted on by PETA

Today, PETA members confined themselves to a cramped cage outside the Japan Sport Olympic Square in Tokyo to replicate the horrific cruelty to chickens that PETA recently exposed on a farm belonging to ISE Foods, Japan’s largest egg producer, which is certified to sell eggs at the 2020 Olympic Games (delayed because of the pandemic).

On the farm, injured birds suffering from painful conditions caused by excessive egg-laying were crammed into spaces so small that they couldn’t even stretch their wings. Dead chickens were left to rot alongside survivors, and some birds were covered with red, inflamed sores. ISE Foods’ Japan Good Agricultural Practice certification allows it to supply eggs for the Olympics. According to the company, auditors visited the farm and approved its certification, a process that PETA’s exposé calls into question.

Unfortunately, cruelty to chickens in the egg industry is industry-wide. The best way to help them is by ditching eggs.