CAPTCHA Test: Are You a Human With a Heart?

Posted on by PETA

Can you prove that you’re not a robot and have a heart?

Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Bangkok has developed The Human Check, a CAPTCHA test that distinguishes between robots and humans. However, instead of asking users to select all images with a street sign or a boat, Ogilvy & Mather’s tests ask users to identify images showing cruelty to animals in order to prove that they are human and have compassion for all animals. After a user passes the test, a message appears, reading, “If you feel something, stop supporting products that are derived from animal cruelty.”


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Ogilvy & Mather’s CAPTCHA test reminds us that animals suffer for experimentation, food, fashion, and entertainment, all at the hands of humans.

The Human Check is available for download here for all websites that may require a CAPTCHA test.

Ogilvy & Mather previously won PETA’s award for 2016 Company of the Year for reaching more than 100 million viewers globally through a video titled “Behind the Leather.” For the video, Ogilvy & Mather launched a shocking pop-up shop in one of Bangkok’s hippest shopping malls to show consumers the suffering behind every exotic-skin bag, belt, jacket, and pair of gloves or shoes.

To do this, it created mechanical look-alikes of beating hearts, intestines, and other animal body parts inside bags, jackets, shoes, and belts. The video below captures the reactions of some of the people who entered the shop. In addition to making waves on social media, the video won five awards at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Please tweet your thanks to Ogilvy & Mather for raising awareness of cruelty to animals with its powerful CAPTCHA project.

Remember, you can help animals every day by going vegan!