2022 Was a Successful Year for PETA Asia! Let’s Make 2023 Even Better

Posted on by PETA

2022 was an impressive year for PETA Asia. We helped countless animals through our provocative campaigns, shocking exposes, and tireless rescue efforts. Thanks to our kind-hearted members and supporters, we made the world a better place for animals – and we plan to continue to do that in 2023 and beyond!

Please watch this footage of our campaign activities, groundbreaking victories, and hands-on rescue work in 2022 to learn more about our campaigns and ways we promote animal rights issues.

After watching the eye-opening video, you’ll understand why PETA Asia not only encourages people not to eat, wear, experiment on animals, or use them for entertainment, but also why we urge people not to buy coconut products made from Thailand or beverages made from coffee berries that are excreted by captive Asian palm civets.

You’ll also see some of the animals we rescued and adopted into loving homes, and see how we took action when severe storms struck the Philippines.

We hope 2023 will be just as productive, if not more so, and we’ll continue to help animals in   distress. Stay tuned to see us unveil more attention-grabbing advertisements, information on our colorful demonstrations, information about scrumptious vegan foods and other vegan products, and more. We couldn’t accomplish everything we do without your support, so thank you for being by our side, helping animals!