Shocking Slaughterhouse Footage: Cattle Killed With Sledgehammers In Vietnam

Posted on by PETA

Outlets around the world are sharing a shocking video recorded inside a Vietnamese slaughterhouse, where cattle live-exported from Australia are killed for their flesh. If you had lingering doubts about the treatment of animals in slaughterhouses, watch as this man uses a sledgehammer to bash in the skull of a terrified bull:

Lyn White, a campaign director with the group Animals Australia, told a news outlet “Regulations are failing, exporters know it, and yet they continue to flood Vietnam with animals. The evidence gathered exposes systemic corruption and circumvention of the traceability system in Vietnam, leaving tens of thousands of animals exposed to horrific cruelty.”

The group also said that investigators saw a bull literally being butchered to death, still alive as workers cut into his body. Another bull reportedly collapsed in terror after watching workers crush the skulls and brains of other cattle in the slaughterhouse with sledgehammers.

Animals will always suffer in the meat trade.

Routine abuse runs rampant in the meat industry. This new footage only highlights what we’ve known for years: Like these cattle whose brains were beaten to a pulp on a concrete floor, all animals used for food are stripped of their dignity and their inherent worth as living beings.

As long as profit is the ultimate goal, animals like these cattle will continue to suffer on killing floors all over the world. Every piece of a cow’s or a bull’s flesh on a plate is the end result of a long process rife with cruelty—both seen and unseen. The conscionable choice that anyone who is shocked by this video can make is to go vegan.

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