Chinese Activists Change Lives!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

… deer’s lives, that is! Banban, an adorable deer with an equally adorable name, was discovered by an activist in China on a filthy rooftop at a restaurant in Weihai City, China. She was tied on a short rope and had no access to shelter or water. PETA Asia exposed Banban’s misery to the public, and thanks to concerned activists around China, in less than 24 hours, more than 100 concerned messages and calls were sent to the owner of the restaurant.

Chinese Activists Pushed for a Better Life for Banban

Giving into public pressure, Banban’s owner moved her from the filthy rooftop to a small pen. The unwavering tide of messages and calls brought Banban more enrichment in just a few days. She’s now been untied and given shelter from the sun and rain, a haystack to sleep on, fresh grass and corn to eat, and a constant supply of water to drink!

Chinese Activists Pushed for a Better Life for Banban

Thank you to all the activists who shared Banban’s story with their friends and contacted the restaurant owner to demand changes! Your actions save lives!

Posted by Agnes Tam