Coin-Operated Cruelty Sparks Outrage

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

I’ve been getting a lot of complaints lately from concerned folks about vending machines that sell live crabs. Contrary to popular belief, crabs (and other crustaceans) do experience pain, and slowly suffocating inside a coin-operated vending machine is a fate worse than death!

Stop for a moment and think about it: As bizarre as these machines are, the cruelty inflicted on crabs, lobsters, and other crustacean cuties happens everywhere, including at your local supermarkets and restaurants. What’s the difference, really? Fishers use the same cruel methods to catch them, including setting traps in shallow water and dragging huge nets along the ocean floor. Many have their legs damaged and torn off when fishers quickly rip them from the nets. Countless crabs and lobsters die each year before they even reach the market.

Regardless of where they’re sold, eating crabs is just wrong. By leaving these smart, interesting animals off your plate (start by taking our Pledge to Go Veg), you’ll be doing your part to end cruelty.

Posted by Agnes Tam