PETA’s Dancing ‘Cows’ Celebrate Chinese New Year

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Since the Chinese New Year will celebrate bovines this Friday (February 12), PETA’s dancing “cows” took to Chinatown in Manila, the Philippines, and Jakarta, Indonesia, this week to encourage people to make it a compassionate and happy new year for everyone.


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Make It a Good Year for Cows—Leave Them off Your Plate

Remember that cows raised and killed for the meat and dairy industries are capable of feeling joy, love, pain, and fear—just as humans, cats, dogs, and other animals are—and that they don’t want to die just so that humans can have a fleeting taste of flesh or milk.

Cows in the meat industry are often confined to cramped, filthy feedlots without protection from the elements. Many die of dehydration or heat exhaustion. At some slaughterhouses, animals’ spinal cords are severed and they are left to suffer for several minutes before their throats are finally cut. Even in slaughterhouses that are supposed to stun animals before they’re killed, many cows are still alive when they’re hacked apart.

In the dairy industry, cows are genetically manipulated to produce 10 times more milk than their own calves can drink. In many cases, their swollen udders become badly infected and blood and pus end up in their milk. Calves are often taken away from their mothers shortly after birth, which causes all of them extreme distress. A cow’s natural life expectancy is approximately 20 years, but female cows used by the dairy industry are typically killed after about five years.

What You Can Do for Cows

Every hamburger or block of cheese sold represents an animal who was sentenced to a lifetime of misery.

By going vegan, you can help spare cows, pigs, and other sensitive animals a miserable life and a terrifying death.