Everyone Can Make a Difference!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

KFC DemoWhen I first became aware of the shocking, and often legal, abuse that animals suffer at the hands of humans, I was horrified. I didn’t just want to—but knew I needed to—help make a difference. However, the problems seemed too big for me to tackle. Like many people who first become aware of the atrocities committed against animals, I didn’t know where to begin. When I started telling others about what I had learned, I was shocked and disappointed to be told repeatedly that the problem was too big and that there was nothing I could do about it.

Determined to help no matter what, I contacted animal rights organizations that had offices nearby and became involved in demonstrations and events. In addition to helping out animals in need, it was wonderful to meet like-minded people.

Activism comes in many forms. People can help animals by leafleting, tabling, protesting, or writing letters to local politicians. There is something to suit everyone’s tastes and talents! Writing letters to the editors of your local or national newspapers is an effective way to educate the public about issues affecting animals while helping to bring about social change. Remember that you will be educating readers from all different walks of life.

And we often forget that simply by living a vegan lifestyle, we inspire those around us to start asking questions. This will give you the opportunity to tell people why you are vegan and teach them about factory farming and other forms of animal abuse and how they can avoid supporting cruelty to animals.

Like me, you’ll probably find it empowering to be a proactive force for animals and to speak out against injustice where you find it.

Posted by Samantha Pulsford