Fendi Strikes Fury With Furry Fashion Show

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Most everyone knows that fur is worn by beautiful animals and ugly people, but clearly this news hasn’t reached fur-monger Fendi yet. The fashion label got into a hairy situation when it wanted to send a forest’s worth of animals down the runway at Seoul’s exclusive new Floating Island culture center.

Unfortunately, even after animal advocates lodged strong complaints with city officials and the officials told Fendi to sack the skins or pack up and leave, Fendi refused to ditch the fur, and the show is expected to proceed—dead animal skins and all. That’s exactly why the amazing activist pictured below, who volunteers for the local group Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE), has been staging a one-woman/one-dog protest every morning in front of Seoul’s City Hall.

All our fingers and paws are crossed that this woman’s efforts pay off and cause Fendi to ditch fur for good! If you want to speak up for animals, too—taking action is as easy as joining our Activist Network now to help change minds and save lives.

Posted by Jason Baker