Fighting Champs Are Powered by Veggies!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Mac Danzig PETA As Fighters Mac Danzig, Jake Shields, and Nick Diaz all have one thing in common: They fuel their bodies—and their wins—with a healthy and humane plant-based diet!

And all three discussed their diets in an article posted by Yahoo! Sports.

“I don’t understand how anyone can have an animal in their life and know what is going on and contribute to it,” Danzig told the news outlet. “You don’t need any kind of animal products to be an athlete in this day and age.”

Fellow fighter Jon Fitch has dropped meat from his diet as he prepares for a UFC event and says that he’s never performed better. “In every kind of testing to see where I’m at, strength, speed, conditioning, I’m either right at or well ahead of the best marks I’ve ever had at this stage of training,” Fitch told Yahoo! Sports.

Shields, a lifelong vegetarian who convinced partner Diaz to try a vegetarian diet agrees. He told Yahoo! Sports, “I’ve got nothing to compare it to. The only thing is, nobody can train as hard or as long as me and Nick Diaz, so that seems to indicate something. … I used to get pressured to eat meat when I was younger by [amateur wrestling] coaches. But I was successful in sports, so they started leaving me alone.”

Whether you’re aiming for the UFC or just want to lift weights, win marathons, or simply stay in shape, a healthy vegan diet can provide all the nutrients that you need to be a champ. A plant-based diet naturally leaves out the saturated fat, cholesterol, and contaminants that can slow you down. Of course, these substances are abundant in meat and dairy products.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing for fun or competing for a championship—if you want to excel, practice hard and eat a healthy vegan diet. Pledge to adopt a vegetarian diet today!

Posted by Jason Baker