Fighting Isn’t Fun for Roosters!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Recently in the U.S., a man died after receiving stab wounds from a rooster. Although it may sound ridiculous, the man attached barbs to the back of the rooster’s legs so that he could watch this rooster viciously attack another rooster for the man’s own entertainment. Unfortunately for the man, the rooster attacked him instead.

This so-called “sport,” known as “cockfighting,” is bloody and violent. Two roosters are placed in a ring together with a variety of blades and scalpels tied to their legs so that they can attack each other for people’s amusement. Cockfighting is illegal in most of the world.

Cockfighting is not only cruel to animals but also dangerous for people. There have been at least eight recorded cases in which humans contracted bird flu as a direct result of cockfighting events. Children are often present at these fights, and witnessing the fights can lead to a thirst for blood sports and cruelty to animals. And children who abuse animals often grow up thinking it’s OK to hurt people.

If you want to help roosters, avoid cockfighting and all blood sports or any form of entertainment that involves animals. Please share this information (as well as information about other animals used for entertainment!) with your friends on Facebook.

Posted by Ashley Fruno