Video: Man Throws Dog off Roof for ‘Fun’

Posted on by PETA

Update: Two medical students were found guilty of the crime and have been suspended as a result. 

A horrifying video has surfaced of a smiling man throwing a terrified dog off a rooftop in India. Just before flinging the helpless animal from the three-story building, the abuser can be seen calmly striking a pose for the camera.

As the defenseless animal screams in pain upon hitting the ground, the perpetrator and his companion can be heard calmly chatting to each other.

Since being posted online, the video has gone viral, and thanks to the help of compassionate people speaking out on social media, the two suspects have been identified. The police are now trying to track down the pair, who are on the run.

Help spread the word and bring these men to justice!

If you’re in India and know anything about the whereabouts of these two men, please call the Chennai Cyber Crime Cell at +91 44 28512509.