Foodie Fridays: 5 Vegan Recipe Sites That Will Change Your World

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Looking to brush up on your vegan cooking skills? Want to impress your omnivorous family with some downright delicious vegan grub? Already tried, tested, and tasted all the recipes on PETA’s blog? No worries, because here’s your guide to cooking the tastiest vegan treats around. We’ve got a list of the yummiest and most inspiring vegan recipe sites in existence:

1.      Alien’s Day Out
These tales of a hip and savvy herbivore exploring the megacity of Seoul, South Korea, will inspire you to eat better, live better, shop better, and be better. Mipa was born in South Korea but traveled all around the world growing up, so her recipes reflect a truly eclectic palate. Trust us—you will find a recipe to fall in love with here.

Alien's Day Out

2.      One Arab Vegan
The tagline says it all: “health, fitness and hummus”! And we’re down with all of it as long as Nada is cooking. A vegan in Bahrain, Nada gives the DL on how to cook it, find it, buy it, or order it—and she won’t disappoint. Warning: Do not view the photos on an empty stomach!

One Arab Vegan

3.      The Vegan Zombie
Who doesn’t love a man who cooks, right? Especially when that man is talking about the zombie apocalypse and vegan noms. There is no denying it: The Vegan Zombie is hilarious and delicious, and we can’t get enough of him.

Vegan zombie

4.      Việt Nam Ăn Chay
When you think of Vietnamese food, you think of lemongrass, lime, and soft rice paper, and who could forget pho?! Master the staples of Vietnamese cooking or rare and unique dishes, all with the help of these mouthwatering recipes. Việt Nam Ăn Chay is primarily in Vietnamese, but don’t stress—all the recipes are in English, too!

Vietnam Chay

5.      The Post Punk Kitchen (PPK)
Whether it’s on the streets of Beijing or the coasts of Indonesia, punk is not dead—and it’s alive and kicking in the Post Punk Kitchen. Isa Chandra Moskowitz has been a part of the vegan cooking world for decades—she can cook up some mean tofu balls! PPK will leave you a different person, a better cook, and a little bit punk rock.

Post Punk Kitchen

Posted by Edwina Baier