For The Veronicas, It Takes Two … to Fight Against Fur!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Sometimes when it comes to getting the word out on cruelty to animals, two heads are better than one! Twin sisters Jess and Lisa Origliasso, the force behind the sensational pop-rock band The Veronicas, recently unveiled their gorgeous new anti-fur ad!

The Veronicas PETA Ad Launch in Sydney

Photo: Robert Knapman

As it clearly shows, the girls are definitely eager to make the proper introductions. Nearly 74 percent of fur imports in the twins’ native Australia are sourced from China, where animals spend their miserable lives tightly packed into wire cages before meeting a barbaric end (fur farmers often skin them alive).

Having been a fixture on the charts ever since the release of their debut album, The Secret Life of…, these lovely Aussie lasses sat down with PETA Australia to talk about all things animal rights in an exclusive videotaped interview.

Follow the twins’ example and ditch that fur coat, on the double (get it?)! Sign our pledge to go fur-free today!

Posted by Ashley Fruno