The Veronicas Show Off ‘The Rest of Your Fur Coat’

Posted on by PETA

Everyone knows that Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, the talented twins behind The Veronicas, can be edgy (who can forget Jessica’s faux-fur jacket that read “F*** Fur” on the back?), and they have taken the music world by storm with their snappy chords and catchy beats. The twin sisters—with their appealing blend of pop, punk, and rock tunes and their unique and daring fashion sense—set trends both on stage and off. But what’s the one thing that you’ll never see these stylistas rocking? Fur.

Topping the charts since their debut album, The Secret Life of …, these fierce fur foes posed for the ad to expose the secret life of animals raised on fur farms. Undercover video footage of animals on fur farms revealed that rabbits, minks, foxes, and other animals were crammed into tiny, filthy cages before they were slaughtered. Many animals on fur farms are skinned alive, and some of them remain alive for up to 10 minutes after they’ve been skinned.

Rabbits, who are timid and gentle animals, are pulled out of cages by their ears and shot in the head with handheld electrical devices—often multiple times—causing them to scream like human babies. Every year in China, millions of dogs and cats are also bludgeoned, hanged, bled to death, and skinned alive. Their skins, which are often deliberately mislabeled, are made into fur coats and cheap shoes and sold all around the world.

As Jessica told The Daily Telegraph, “Death for these animals is a horror story … I admire the approach to the eye-catching photo shoots PETA [does] to get the important message out there.”

What You Can Do: Pledge to Be Fur-Free

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