Frontrunners Emerge in Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity Poll

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

The nominees haven’t been posted long, but actor Deni Hines and Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker look like promising contenders over other Australian nominees in our annual Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity poll. Leading the Asian poll are actor Barbie Hsu and Hong Kong singer, actor, and songwriter Louis Cheung. We need to know who you think we should pick to win—have you voted yet?

Why are more and more trendsetters choosing to go vegetarian? Healthy vegetarian diets can help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and strokes. Plus, meat-eaters are nine times more likely to be obese than are their vegan counterparts—making a vegetarian diet the easiest way to stay slim and sexy!

If you haven’t voted yet to help let us know who you think we should name the winners, you’d better do it now! There’s no telling how the competition will end up. And if you want to follow in the stunning footsteps of these hot and humane celebs, take PETA’s Pledge to Be Veg for 30 Days today!

Posted by Jason Baker