Photos: PETA Members Dressed Hazmat Suits Blame Meat Industry for Coronavirus

Posted on by PETA

Today, PETA members dressed in biohazard suits stood outside the Department of Health in the Philippines to encourage everyone to help prevent deadly diseases like coronavirus and African swine fever by going vegan.

Cases of coronavirus have been reported around the world—including at least one fatal case in the Philippines—and scientists believe that eating dead animals or having contact with live animals may be the culprit. Filthy factory farms, slaughterhouses, and meat markets threaten the health of every human on the planet by providing a breeding ground for deadly diseases like coronavirus, African swine fever, SARS, and bird flu; bacteria like E. coli and salmonella; and more.

The United Nations found that 70% of new human diseases originate in animals and that most of those are directly linked to animals used for food. The development of these “superbugs” on farms has worried scientists for years—and now, researchers fear that this impending threat is only growing.

The World Health Organization also states that processed meat causes cancer. Meanwhile, a vegan diet reduces the risk of many chronic degenerative diseases and conditions, including heart disease, cancer, obesity, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes.

Deadly viruses, devastating forest fires, accelerating climate change—eating animals has apocalyptic consequences.

We cannot expect to continue living on planet Earth if we continue to eat animals. It’s really that simple. The easiest thing that you can do for your own health and the world we live in is to go vegan right now and persuade everyone you know to do the same.