Horrifying: Vet Removes Vocal Cords of Dogs to Stop Them From Barking

Posted on by PETA

A veterinarian in China has been caught performing operations on dogs to cut their vocal cords so that they won’t be able to bark. He allegedly performed the horrifying surgeries on the street, using unsterilized equipment. He has been banned from performing operations after officers from the Qingbaijiang Forestry Bureau asked him to stop while they investigate.

Warning: graphic video


Barking is a dog’s means of communicating many feelings—fear, frustration, pain, or even happiness. Debarking surgery is a cruel procedure that strips dogs of their natural ability to vocalize and communicate. Depriving them of their primary means of expression is unjustifiably cruel, and it’s horrifying that so many dogs have endured this procedure at the hands of this unlicensed veterinarian.

Condemned by many professionals, debarking surgery involves a great deal of post-operative pain. The procedure is also unnecessary and inherently cruel.

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks!

If your dog barks a lot, don’t accept debarking as a solution. Instead, deal with the problem for what it is: a symptom of frustration and loneliness. There are many simple and effective solutions, including the following:

  • Most importantly, if your dog spends all day outdoors alone in a yard, take him or her inside to become part of the family, where animal companions belong!
  • Call your local humane society for a referral to a humane trainer, animal behaviorist, or helpful veterinarian, and never attempt to use shock or citronella collars as a solution.
  • Ask your vet or local humane society to refer you to a dog walker or doggie daycare center, or find a local dog park where you can take your dog to vocalize all they want.

We owe it to our animal companions to make their lives as comfortable and fulfilling as possible.

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