GREAT NEWS: Japan’s Last Fur Farm Just Closed!

Posted on by PETA

The last fur farm in Japan – the Otsuka mink farm in Niigata – just shut its doors.

Minks, a non-native species, kept escaping from the fur farm, where animals were wasting away in filthy, barren cages. Since 2006, the vile facility was reportedly operating without a license and violating Japan’s Invasive Alien Species Act.

Now that the farm is closed, Japan has joined the growing number of countries that have chosen to leave fur-farm cruelty in the past.

On fur farms, animals spend their entire lives in tiny, filthy cages before workers kill them by breaking their necks, poisoning them, or anally electrocuting them.

PETA and its international affiliates have been fighting against the horrific fur industry all over the world, including in Japan. In 1992, PETA US launched its “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign on the streets of Tokyo outside a fur expo.

After learning from PETA about the torture and painful killing of animals for their skins, Tokyo Disneyland banned the sale of all fur items. According to complaints received by PETA, vendors were selling items such as bags and hats made with fox and rabbit fur.

PETA activists protest Burberry fur farm cruelty in Japan

PETA Asia protests fur farm cruelty in Japan

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