10 Videos That Prove Kids Know Animals Are Friends, Not Food

Posted on by PETA

Most kids are extremely compassionate and naturally concerned about animals. The videos below show the reactions that 10 kids had when they learned that adults harm animals “on purpose.” Their responses aren’t surprising—but they’re definitely heartbreaking.

1. Girl Tells Mother She ‘Won’t Eat Animals!’

A 5-year-old tells her mom, “I think that they don’t really like being cooked in the oven.”

2. Boy Tells Mother ‘We Should Take Care of Animals, Not Eat Them’

This 3-year-old explains to his mom why he doesn’t want to eat animals, saying, “I like them to be standing up and happy …. [W]e should take care of them, not eat them.”

3. Boy Begs Mother to Help Him Save Dead Fish

This sweet little boy from Mongolia hugs and cries over a fish his mother bought to eat.

4. Boy Doesn’t Want His Friend to Die

This little boy from Nepal doesn’t want to let his goat be sacrificed, and it’s a serious tearjerker.

5. She Doesn’t Want Animals Chopped Up

“I really don’t want to eat the animals,” says this 5-year-old Irish girl tearfully to her dad.

6. Children Refuse to Let Their Father Slaughter Chicken

These compassionate and persistent kids persuade their father to spare a chicken’s life.

7. Girl Begs Mother Not to Kill Animals

This girl cries as she keeps telling her mom, “You can’t!” about killing animals.

8. Mother Tries to Convince Compassionate Daughter to Eat Meat

“Would you like if someone ate you?” This girl makes a good point.

9. Girl Holds and Cries Over Dead Chicken

Little girl mourns for her dead chicken friend.

10. Girl Sneaks Home New Friend

Sometimes, children’s relationships with animals can even help adults make the connection. In this video, a 5-year-old girl lets a cow into her house when her mom isn’t looking. She cuddles with the cow, and her mom’s heart melts. Her mom then says, “We need to stop eating beef .… I think she’s going to get me to stop eating beef.”

Choose Compassion

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