Kisschasy Lead Singer Darren Cordeux Says, ‘Do It for the Chicks’

Posted on by PETA

Darren Cordeux is in it for the chicks—and we’re not talking about the flocks of female fans he’s attracted with his plaintive voice and boyish good looks. Nope—Darren is sticking up for the more than 850 million chickens who are abused for KFC’s buckets and boxes every year. The veggielicious lead singer of the mega-popular band Kisschasy recently took time out from promoting his new album, Hymns for the Nonbeliever, to pose for PETA’s newest ad urging people to boycott KFC.

Why is Darren speaking out for chicks? “These birds are tortured from the time they’re packed into dark, filthy sheds until their bones are mangled in shackles at slaughterhouses,” says Darren. “If these people treated cats or dogs the way they treat chickens, they’d be arrested!”

Darren isn’t kidding. Chickens are just as smart, curious, and unique as the cats and dogs who share our homes—not to mention just as capable of suffering and feeling pain—but KFC treats them like machines. Each chicken who is raised and killed for KFC is crammed into a space about the size of a sheet of office paper inside huge sheds that reek of ammonia from their accumulated waste. They are drugged and bred to grow so large that many become crippled under their own weight and are often unable to reach food or water. Many have their throats slit while they are still conscious and are scalded to death in defeathering tanks.


If these people treated cats or dogs the way they treat chickens, they’d be arrested!

—Darren Cordeux

As Darren knows, the best way to save chickens from this abuse is to stop eating them—and going vegetarian is easier than you might think. Get started by ordering a free “Vegetarian Starter Kit” today. Trust us—chicks dig a vegetarian!

Click here to download a print-quality version of Darren’s ad.