This Lion at a Philippine Zoo Is Blind Because of a ‘Breeding Mistake’

Posted on by PETA

According to zoo officials at the government-run Maasin Zoo in Iloilo, southern Philippines, Lyka—a lion at the facility—is blind because of a “breeding mistake.”

Her life—spent bound to a 3-foot-long, barren, dirty cage—is tragic and heartbreaking. Zoos teach humans that it’s acceptable to interfere with animals and keep them locked inside tiny enclosures—often far from their natural homes—where they’re denied all control over their lives. This is why these facilities should never be patronized.

Breeding any wild animal for a lifetime in captivity is a mistake. Lions belong in nature, where they can roam, climb, choose a mate, and raise a family—not in a rusty 3-foot-long enclosure, which is thousands of times smaller than lions’ natural roaming range. If this zoo truly cared about animals, it would stop breeding them and transfer this blind lion to a proper sanctuary, where she could receive the specialized care that she obviously needs.

What You Can Do

As long as people continue to buy tickets to zoos, animals like Lyka will continue to suffer. Zoos will be forced to stop breeding animals and capturing more from the wild if their financial support disappears. Talk to family, friends, and coworkers, especially those with small children who may be inclined to go to such facilities, and explain to them that every ticket that’s purchased directly contributes to animals’ misery.