Lolo, the Pig Who Changed My Life

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Danni and Lolo

Lolo is the first and only pig I have ever known. She was only 1 week old when she came into my life and changed it forever. Before I adopted Lolo, I didn’t know what unique personalities pigs have. Together, we shared so many special moments. Just like a child, she didn’t want to sleep alone, so we shared my bed—and because pigs have higher body temperatures than humans, she kept me warm during the cold winter nights. I took her to an art festival at my high school, and everybody wanted to take a picture with her. Lolo was a big star on that day. Day by day, little Lolo grew and grew. She learned how to open the sliding door in the kitchen. When we got home every day after work and school, she would welcome us at the door. Lolo was a member of our family, and a cherished friend to everyone in the neighborhood as well. Every evening, we took her for a walk in the park. Lolo played with the dogs and got snacks from our neighbors.

When she was just 2 years old, Lolo died one day while I was away taking a summer course before my regular university classes started. My mom got home after work that day and found that no one was waiting for her at the door. I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to Lolo, which I’ll regret forever. It took me a long time to get used to life without her—it was like losing a little sister who grew up with me.

Statue Lolo

To remember Lolo, I made a sculpture of her so she would be with me forever. In Lolo’s memory, I also made the decision to go vegetarian. It saddens me that pigs— who are intelligent, individual animals with unique personalities—are the most popular meat choice in China. Of course, if I could have another chance, I wouldn’t have a pig as a pet again. As cute as they are, they require an enormous amount of energy to take care of. It’s not fair to them if we can’t provide them with enough room to roam either.

If you have ever known a pig or seen Lolo, I’m sure you know why I decided to stop eating meat. Lolo is the best gift I’ve ever had in my life, and she gave me the most unforgettable memories.

Posted by Danni Yang