Happy Birthday, Maggie Q! Check Out the Star’s Stunning PETA Ads

Posted on by PETA

World-renowned actor, previous PETA Person of the Year winner, and longtime PETA supporter Maggie Q is celebrating her birthday on May 22, so we’re bringing back our favorite collaborations with the star to honor her!

The campaigns include the first two ads that she did for PETA, both advocating meat-free eating (“Turn Over a New Leaf” and “Spice Up Your Life”).

Her other ads with PETA expose the horrors of the fur industry (“Here’s the Rest of Your Fur Trim”) and promote vegan living for the planet (“Fight Climate Change With Diet Change”).

Maggie, who credits vegan eating with boosting her energy on set, is also helping PETA end animal testing in Taiwan. She wrote a letter to the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration asking that the agency revise a proposed regulation suggesting that food and beverage companies conduct painful and deadly experiments on animals so that they can make dubious claims about their products’ effects on arthritis in humans.

When it comes to animals, Maggie is every bit as fierce and outspoken in person as she is on screen.

Celebrate Maggie’s birthday by urging the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration to reject crude and absurd experiments on animals.