This Is Sick: Man Kidnaps Stranded Dolphin From a Beach in China and Drives Off

Posted on by PETA

This is sad and outrageous. A dying or dead dolphin stranded on a beach in China was picked up by a beachgoer, who slung the animal over his shoulder, carried him or her to his car, and drove off.

Chinese netizens are horrified and furious at the man’s actions, and after a few days of extensive searching, authorities have identified him, and he’ll now face punishment. Not only are dolphins a protected species in China, but under Chinese law, anyone who discovers the body of a wild animal must report it to authorities.

What You Can Do

Please leave wildlife in peace. If you think that a wild animal is in need of help, please contact your local authorities. Your involvement may be the animal’s only hope.

Remember: If you love dolphins, please don’t support “swim with dolphins” attractions, at which these animals are denied everything that’s natural and important to them and forced to swim in tiny pools. Those used in such programs often die prematurely. Just because dolphins always look as though they’re smiling doesn’t mean that they are actually happy and want to pose for your pictures. Never patronize any place that profits from exploiting animals.