WTF! Man in China Kills Live Puppy Over Fire to Eat

Posted on by PETA

A sickening graphic video that’s going viral shows a man in China killing a live puppy over a fire so that he can feast on the animal’s flesh.

After seeing the video, animal activists in Jiujiang, China, tracked the man down and confronted him about his horrific actions. Although he apologized and promised never to repeat the barbaric act, we all know that’s not enough.

The horrific cruelty shown in this video shows just how badly China’s animals need an animal-welfare law. Without one, humans suspected of abusing animals are not subject to legal sanctions for their actions.

PETA hopes someone at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China sees the video and calls for a law to be passed today, because this act isn’t something that the average Chinese person thinks is OK. We have posted about this incident on our Weibo page, and pressure has been building on government officials to take action to protect animals and ensure that abusers face consequences. 

Animal Abusers Are a Danger to Everyone

Animal abusers’ acts of cruelty aren’t merely indications of a minor personality flaw—they’re symptomatic of a deep-rooted mental disturbance.

Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty to animals don’t stop there—many move on to hurting humans.

What You Can Do

If you see anyone abuse an animal, don’t be silent. It takes only a moment to change the life of an animal facing cruelty and exploitation. If you don’t speak up, who will?

Please also urge local law-enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and schools to take cruelty to animals seriously. Those charged with protecting our communities and animals must send a strong message that violence against any living being—human or animal—is unacceptable.

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