Meet Saigon, Australia’s Last Living ‘Circus Elephant’

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Elephants in zoos and circuses are denied everything that is natural and important to them.

Saigon is 55 years old. But instead of living out the rest of her days in glorious retirement, she is packed up like cargo and hauled around from town to town for 10 months every year. Devoid of any other elephant friends, Saigon’s existence with Perry Bros Circus and Zoo is a truly miserable one.

Elephants are social creatures who form lifelong bonds with their family and herd, but as a prisoner of this circus, Saigon has been denied the opportunity to mate or have children of her own. The last of her elephant friends died at Christmas in 2009, and although she is far too old to perform, Perry Bros refuses to give her up and reward her the freedom that she so richly deserves.

A number of complaints have been made to the RSPCA over the years, as people driving past Saigon in different locations have noticed that she lacks available water in scorching heat and engages in repetitive motions such as swaying from side to side and swinging her trunk back and forth. These actions are clear indications that Saigon is suffering from “zoochosis,” a mental condition that often occurs in captive animals as a result of being confined and denied freedom.

Our friends at Animals Australia are campaigning for Saigon’s rights. After all, even though she has committed no crime, she has been sentenced to life imprisonment. Support their campaign by signing the petition to free Saigon once and for all.

If a circus that uses and abuses animals is coming to your hometown, share this website with your friends and family who plan on attending.

Posted by Robert Fry