Minke Whale Trapped in Nets for 19 Days, Killed by Fishers in Japan

Posted on by PETA

A minke whale who was deliberately trapped in nets in Taiji, Japan, for 19 days has been killed by fishers. The animal’s flesh will apparently be sold in Japanese markets and supermarkets. Taiji is known for its horrific and bloody dolphin hunt, which lasts for six months every year. In it, dolphins are forced into shallow waters after a prolonged chase so that hunters can stab them to death with spears or knives.

This Minke Whale Deserved Better

This minke whale—a sentient being capable of feeling fear—was trapped and starved for weeks before being slowly drowned. PETA joins every other animal protection group and every decent person on the planet in decrying such ignorant, sadistic treatment.

Japan’s reputation is stained with the blood of this whale. The country needs to embrace a 21st century understanding of animal rights and promote whale watching over whale killing, or it will face condemnation for its cruelty.

What You Can Do

If you’re outraged by these hunts, please take action by urging the governor of Wakayama Prefecture to use his influence to help stop the slaughter of animals in Taiji.

You can take a stand against this violence by shunning the commercial fishing industry, which ensnares not only countless whales but also dolphins and other ocean-dwelling animals. We can all do our part by leaving marine animals—both big and small—off our plates and opting instead for humane vegan options.