Miss Australia Universe Pledges to Fake It at This Year’s Pageant

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

While others may be judging her on her poise, on how she wears a swimsuit, or on her composure during the interview round, we’re only judging Miss Australia Universe Jesinta Campbell on one thing: compassion—and she gets high marks! In our hearts, Campbell won the moment her representatives sent PETA Australia the following statement about her national costume, which had previously included Uggs and a sheepskin shrug:

I am confirming that Jesinta Campbell Miss Universe Australia will be wearing only synthetic sheepskin on her National Costume, that will be televised. We appreciate you bringing mulesing to our attention.

When the beautiful gal who was chosen to represent Australia to the world opts to avoid supporting mulesing and other cruel practices of the sheep-farming industry, it might be time to look toward more humane methods. During mulesing, lambs are forced onto their backs, they have their legs restrained between metal bars, and then they have chunks of flesh cut from their backsides—without being given any painkillers—in a misguided attempt to prevent flystrike. An estimated one-fourth of Aussie farmers have already stopped mulesing, so we know that things are moving in the right direction.

Still have fugly Ugg boots or wool sweaters lying around your closet? Follow Jesinta’s lead and pledge that the only skin you’ll be in is your own.

Posted by Jason Baker