Let’s Not Be Too Hasty, but the New ‘Aladdin’ Might Be Vegan

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Egyptian, Canadian … vegan? Disney fans around the world are trying to learn as much as they can about Mena Massoud, the actor recently cast as Aladdin in the upcoming live-action reimagining of the 1992 animated film.

While many flocked to IMDB to see what they could discover, our eyes needed to look no further than Massoud’s Instagram account to see what he’s all about. Grab your magnifying glasses, #VegansOfIG, because he’s dropping hints left and right that he doesn’t eat anything derived from animals.

Take as “Exhibit A” this humble salad:

Tuesday Creation: Purple cabbage w/ onion, garlic and orange pepper served with a trio of sprouted beans topped w/ green onion & cilantro. Nailed it. #vegan #tuesday #organic #healthyfood #meatlessmanifesto

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These hashtags don’t lie. But you’re right—anyone can make a salad. But does the average omnivore seek out crazy vegan desserts like these?

Vegan Snickers Bites….nuff said. Killed iitttt! #raw #vegan #veganfestto

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Or have a vegan barbecue?

First #BBQ of the season. Long weekend #vegan feasting. #burgers #fries #wine

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But it’s not just that his pictures of vegan food will make you hungry—Massoud’s #VeganGains posts on Instagram may make you #Thirsty.

Can’t wait to share my 4 month #transformation in a couple weeks. Til’ then, #happyfriday & #gohard this weekend no matter what you’re doin. #gym #workout #routine #vegangains

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My 4 month transformation post. Not as lean as I’d like to be, but gaining muscle mass & cutting fat at the same time ain’t easy. 2016 has been an incredible year so far. I’ve already experienced the biggest changes in my life over the course of the past 10 months. It’s almost as if, life has taken me by the hand and led me to a plethora of places that I never really thought I would go. I’ve realized, more than ever, that there are a lot of things in life you cannot control. More things than you think. In fact, there are very few things in life, far and few between, that are fully and absolutely in your control. But it’s those things that you can and do control that end up having the greatest reward on your life. Never set goals and stop when you achieve those goals. That is the biggest disservice you can do to yourself. Because goals – goals are just the beginning of a legacy. Live. Dream. Love. Grow. #gym #transformation #vegan #gohard #goals

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Almost two weeks of intermittent fasting since my last post. Slowly filling out but drastically cutting fat. What do we think? Keep cutting fat or gain more mass before continuing cutting? #vegan #training #gohard #comment #eatclean

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And he’s even nice with a shirt on: Massoud has shown his kindness to animals by attending animal-free circus shows …

Incredible show last night @cirquedusoleil. Watching #Luzia & seeing some of the most talented performers in the world was an amazing treat. #cirque #show #toronto #latergram

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… and hiking with an adorable dog:

Double woof.


So is Mena Massoud vegan or just vegan-friendly? We can’t be fully sure. But one thing is certain: His influence will undoubtedly have a positive effect on countless animals. That influence is growing—his Instagram account has gained tens of thousands of followers since the announcement of his casting, according to reports.

As more and more celebs (like Kylie Jenner) are trying vegan, people are realizing that it’s easier—and more mainstream—than ever before to live a plant-based and/or cruelty-free lifestyle.

Inspired by Mena Massoud and looking to make some #VeganGains of your own? Check out vegan athletes like David Haye for inspiration and work on getting your six-pack back in 5 easy steps, then take a look at our healthy vegan meal plan to optimize your results.

If you’re hoping to get cast in a huge Hollywood picture, unfortunately, you’re on your own. But if you, like Massoud, are looking to fill your Instagram—and your life—with delicious #Vegan things, you’ve come to the perfect place. Bookmark our site now to keep up with the latest vegan news, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.