New Documentary Reveals the Plight of Azerbaijan’s Street Cats

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Recently, an Azerbaijani documentary titled Street Fighters hit the Internet and caused quite a stir. The film, which isNew Documentary Reveals the Plight of Azerbaijan's Street Cats available for viewing here, is a gritty exposé on the life and times of homeless cats as they struggle to survive on the streets of Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku.

Featuring short interviews with ordinary Azerbaijanis and riveting footage of what these cats endure, the documentary is a powerful testament to the need to put an end to the animal overpopulation crisis by having one’s companion animals spayed or neutered.

The consequences of not spaying or neutering can be staggering. Every day, countless kittens are born just because some animal guardians haven’t had their companions spayed or neutered. As a result, millions of animals are taken to crowded animal shelters each year and euthanized. The less fortunate animals never even make it to a safe haven; they are abandoned to fend for themselves on the streets, where they often endure cruelty and suffer from starvation, diseases, or injuries.

Be sure to end the “fighting” and promote peace by pledging to have your companion animal spayed or neutered today!

Posted by Ashley Fruno