Nominjin: Behind Bars for Bunnies

Posted on by PETA

Sizzling Mongolian singer-songwriter Nominjin is in the slammer! The award-winning, internationally renowned performer—who sings in nine languages and has been featured on albums alongside John Lennon, Norah Jones, and James Blunt—recently posed in a cage for PETA’s new anti-fur ad. In the ad, the pop sensation protests the barbaric practices used in fur farms around the world by crouching in a cage with a furry friend under the tagline “Liberate Your Style: Don’t Wear Fur.”


Nominated earlier this year as one of Asia’s Sexiest Vegetarian Women, the beautiful songbird wants everyone to know the ugly truth behind the cruel fur industry. “Fashion should be fun, and there is nothing fun about wearing someone else’s skin,” says the 20-year-old vegan, who has more than a dozen number one hits to her name. “Watching PETA investigations of fur farms brought tears to my eyes.”

200-nominjin-2Undercover video footage from fur farms in neighboring China—the world’s leading exporter of fur—revealed that rabbits, minks, foxes, and other animals were crammed into tiny, filthy cages before they were slaughtered. Timid, gentle rabbits are pulled out of cages by their ears and shot in the head with handheld electrical devices—often multiple times—causing them to scream like human babies. Every year in China, millions of dogs and cats are also bludgeoned, hanged, bled to death, and sometimes skinned alive for their fur.

“Fur is often mislabeled, so there’s really no way to know what kind of animal’s skin you’re wearing,” says Nominjin. “Anyone who wears any fur or fur trim shares the blame for the miserable lives and horribly painful deaths of millions of animals each year.”

What You Can Do: Pledge to Be Fur-Free

With so many fabulous faux fashions available today, there’s no excuse for having any skeletons in your closet. And there’s nothing fashionable about bludgeoning animals or skinning them alive. So clean your closets and your conscience by pledging to be fur-free today!