Nominjin Strikes a Pose for New Vegetarian Ad

Posted on by PETA

200-NominjinNewVegetarianAdMongolian singing sensation—and vegan—Nominjin has become the latest celebrity to appear in PETA’s ongoing vegetarian campaign. She joins the ranks of major celebs such as Alicia Silverstone and Barbie Hsu in singing the praises of their vegetarian lifestyle.

Nominjin, who sings in 11 languages and has worked with renowned producers and musicians around the world, says that going vegetarian is one of the best decisions that she’s ever made. “In Mongolia, we’re suffering and dying young, the countryside is becoming one big desert, and our wildlife is disappearing,” Nominjin explains. “Much of this is a result of our having the 11th highest rate of meat consumption in the world. My choice to become a vegan is to try to help reverse this tragedy.”

Nominjin’s endurance and fitness is evidence of the many benefits of a plant-based diet. Unfortunately, too many Mongolians eat a fatty, cholesterol-laden, meat-based diet—a diet that, studies show, raises the risk of many serious illnesses, including cancer and heart disease. According to a recent survey of the Mongolian health system, cancer and heart disease are major contributors to a rise in the country’s adult mortality.

Exploiting animals for food also takes a toll on the environment—the large amounts of waste generated by the meat industry pollute the water and air, and overgrazing leads to increased desertification, which then further contributes to soil erosion. Around 75 percent of Mongolia’s land is given over to grazing by animals who are used for their flesh, milk, skin, and wool. These animals are smart, sensitive beings who can show affection and feel joy, pain, and fear—just as humans do—and they die a violent, terrifying death just so that we can feed or clothe ourselves.

Whether you are concerned about your health, the environment, or animals—or all of the above—the best thing that you can do is to go vegetarian. Says Nominjin, “Vegan and vegetarian diets are healthier, tastier, and cheaper. Meat is addictive. Since much of the world has already quit smoking, why not kick this habit also?” And why wait? Take the Pledge to Be Veg today!

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