Nur Fazura Strikes a Pose to Help Snakes

Posted on by PETA

When style icon and TV host Nur Fazura learned how snakes and other exotic animals are skinned alive, beaten to death, and killed in other cruel ways for their skins, she agreed to star in a new PETA Asia ad.

Snakes are fascinating animals who rarely pose a threat to humans: They would rather flee than strike. Most of the snakes who live near humans are harmless, and the humans are rarely harmed by snakes. More than a fifth of the world’s reptiles are now at risk for extinction——and the exotic-skins trade is not helping. Most snakes are caught in the wild because it takes so long for farmed snakes to grow large enough for their skin to be usable.

To kill snakes for their skins, hunters use hooks to capture them and then often nail them to trees and skin them alive before tossing them onto a writhing pile to die. Because of their slow metabolisms, snakes can suffer for days before succumbing to shock or dehydration. Others are bludgeoned or whipped against the floor or wall. The routine cruelty in the exotic-skins trade should make every caring consumer’s skin crawl.

Fazura, who has appeared in feature films and television series and hosted several TV shows, wants her fans to join her in shunning any clothing made from the skins of animals.

The stunning pic was shot by ace photographer Ah Fai for Sunday Studio. Fazura’s striking styling and makeup were done by Ella Sandera, and the set was designed by Angie Choo.

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