‘The Panda’s Friend’ Unveils PETA Ad in Chengdu

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

As the 2014–15 Chinese Basketball Association season gets into full swing, former NBA player The Panda’s Friend launched a new ad for PETA at Raffles City in Chengdu to promote the importance of spaying and neutering. Formerly known as Ron Artest and Metta World Peace, The Panda’s Friend made the name change after he moved to Chengdu in order to play for the Sichuan Blue Whales (and we have to say, we think it’s awesome!).

Check out some pictures from the event:

Metta World Peace ad launch

Metta World Peace ad launch

Metta World Peace ad launch

“The U.S. and China have a serious animal-homelessness crisis,” he said. “Spaying and neutering your companion animals is the way to help them.”

Millions of unwanted animals are suffering and dying on the streets every year because of starvation, disease, traffic accidents, and abuse. Spaying eliminates the stress that females endure while they’re in heat as well as the risk of developing uterine cancer, and it also greatly reduces the risk that they will develop mammary cancer. Neutering makes males far less likely to roam and fight, prevents testicular cancer, and reduces their risk of developing prostate cancer. Spaying or neutering is also strongly encouraged by the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau, which offers spay and neuter services at its animal shelter.

Thank you, Panda’s Friend. We and all animals ♥ you.

Written by Layla Wen