PETA Asia’s End-of-Year Wrap-Up

Posted on by Jess Henderson

In 2021, while the pandemic was still raging around the world, PETA worked to expose cruelty to animals and promote animal rights through our attention-grabbing campaigns, undercover investigations, and hands-on rescue work.

Check out this video to see some of our victories in 2021.

Here are a few impressive highlights:

  • PETA’s undercover investigators showed the world how the coconut industry abuses monkeys by forcing them to pick coconuts. Because of the investigation, more than 30,000 retailers around the world dropped brands that use monkey labor.
  • Investigators at a Louis Vuitton and Gucci supplier documented the heinous abuse of pythons and monitor lizards whose skin is used for accessories.
  • A PETA exposé of Japan’s largest egg producer, ISE Foods, revealed that birds were kept in cramped, filthy cages and left to suffer and die from painful ailments.
  • PETA exposed that piglets are slammed onto concrete, injected with disinfectant, and left to die slowly because they aren’t considered profitable by Nippon Ham.
  • Numerous stores are vacating Bangkok’s Pata Pinklao Department Store after PETA contacted them about the animals housed in a decrepit zoo on the store’s upper floors.
  • Hundreds of videos of animals being tortured for “views” were removed from Facebook after PETA met with company executives.
  • A fleet of eco-friendly electric vehicles is replacing the exhausted and abused horses who ferry tourists around Petra Archaeological Park in Jordan.
  • Our clinic in Petra treated hundreds of injured and ill donkeys, mules, camels, and horses.
  • PETA’s rescue team in the Philippines adopted out more than 100 cats and dogs in 2021, spayed and neutered nearly 1,500 other animals in indigent communities, and responded to countless cruelty cases and requests for veterinary care from impoverished families.

And much more!

This past year was productive and successful, and we hope next year will be even better. We’ll continue to push the envelope for all animals with eye-catching billboards and demonstrations, and we’ll work to end animal testing, promote vegan foods, and more. The pandemic may have brought many aspects of our lives to a standstill, but PETA’s lifesaving work hasn’t slowed down one bit.

Please help us keep the victories coming in 2022. Join the anti-speciesism movement, and help us accomplish even more for animals by donating today.