PETA Picks: Our Fave Veggie Burgers in the Philippines

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Today’s top restaurants know that vegans want more than just a salad and that many meat-eaters are looking for healthier fare. So savvy eateries have found a simple and satisfying way to please everyone: veggie burgers! To find out which restaurants have the best meat-free burgers, PETA’s hardworking staff munched, chowed, and plowed our way through burger after burger at some of the Philippines’ yummiest establishments.

It was a tough (but tasty!) job, and now we’ve named the top five Filipino faves. And the winners of the coveted Golden Bun Awards are:

Boca Burger at Healthy Kitchen.

This meat-free masterpiece, voted the best in the country, should be called the “Thrilla in Manila” because it’s mouthwatering taste will knock you out!

Vegan Tofu Walnut Burger at Corner Tree Café.

I never believed in #vegan burgers before because I thought they defeated the purpose of being meaty. But this Baked Tofu Walnut Burger is the bomb! ? Uses a whole wheat bun and sided with sweet potato fries. No meat whatsoever but surprisingly very tasty and delicious! I’d definitely come back for it. ?? #filipinofoodmovement #forkspoonmanila #spotph #pepperph #foodph

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Described by one diner as “simply unbelievable,” this burger is the “tokwa” of the town in Makati. Good for you and your taste buds, this hearty burger was also deemed the healthiest of them all.

Streamliner at Johnny Rockets.

Made from a Boca burger grilled to perfection, this burger is “meaty” enough to fool the most die-hard meat-eater. Totally delish, this Quezon City favorite can be made vegan by asking for a wheat bun and no butter or cheese.

Vegeburger at Green Wok Deli & Café.

Also in Quezon City, Green Wok Deli & Café’s savory vegan burger is packed with fresh veggies and herbs to make it nutritious and delicious, and it was voted the best value. Oh, and did we mention that it comes with soy mayo?!

Receiving honorable mention are veggie burgers from the Hard Rock Café; Murray & D’Vine; Baguio’s Bliss Café; M2M at the Renaissance Hotel; Jeepney Café at the Intercontinental Hotel; Ima’s Gulay Bar in Puerto Princesa, Palawan; the Veganite at Fort Serendra’s Arama; Makati’s Herbal Nooks; and Greens in Quezon City. All the veggie burgers at these locations can me made vegan—just ask for no cheese, butter, or mayo.

Now that you’re craving a veggie burger with the works, how about ditching the meat, eggs, and dairy products and taking the Pledge to Go Veg? And if you’re already consuming a compassionate vegan diet, tell us—what is the best vegan burger near you? The Golden Bun Awards may be coming to your city soon …

Posted by Jason Baker