Top 10 Tuesday: Veggie Burger Roundup

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Top 10 Tuesday: Veggie Burger Roundup Restaurants all across the region are realizing that vegans want more than just a salad! Savvy eateries have found a simple and satisfying way to please everyone: veggie burgers! Whenever I’m on the road, I always make sure to sample the veggie burger offerings in the cities that I visit, and the following are my favorite 10 (in no particular order, of course!): 

  • Big Mark Burger, Lord of the Fries (Melbourne, Australia)
    From its humble beginnings as a mobile food van, Lord of the Fries has evolved into a sought-after takeout joint boasting several locations. This is everything that you want when snacking on the run: fast, cheap, and totally delicious!
  • Kinpira Rice Burger, MOS Burger (Japan and Singapore)
    This truly unique burger boasts scrumptious fried burdock root, carrot, and nori (seaweed) sandwiched between a bun made from cooked rice, barley, and millet!
  • Veggie Patty Sandwich, Subway (India)
    Served on freshly baked Italian bread, this half-burger, half-sandwich is a staff favorite, and it beats patties made from animal flesh anytime. The restaurant has a few other vegan options too.
  • Boca Burger, Healthy Kitchen (Taguig, Philippines)
    This burger won PETA’s Golden Bun Award, which goes to the country’s best-tasting veggie burger. The edamame pâté really gives it an edge!
  • Tofusion, Burgerlicious (Sydney, Australia)
    The Sydney chain Burgerlicious offers four great veggie burgers, but the Tofusion—a patty marinated in satay sauce and topped with veggies and hummus on a whole-meal bun—is in a league of its own.
  • V8 Vegan Burger,
    Burger Fuel (Australia and New Zealand)
    What’s not to love about the totally out-there combination of a pumpkin, cashew, and ginger patty topped with a mushroom, olive, and sage pâté?
  • Vegan Tofu Walnut Burger, Corner Tree Café (Makati, Philippines)
    While it was voted the healthiest veggie burger in the Philippines, it’s also one of the tastiest! It features a savory tofu and walnut patty topped with crisp greens. Try it with a side of mushroom gravy!
  • Streamliner, Johnny Rockets (various locations)
    Just ask for no butter and no cheese to make this super-meaty burger a vegan fast-food dream!
  • Soy Burger, Woods Macrobiotics (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
    What could be better than a hearty soy burger slathered with vegan mayo? Not much, except the fact that it’s good for you too!
  • Loving Burger Plate, Loving Hut (Tokyo, Japan)
    This succulent patty is made from minced soy meat, tofu, and veggies and served with various flavorful sides (depending on the day’s menu). Finish it off with blueberry soy ice cream for dessert!
  • Life Organic Burger, Life Café (Hong Kong)
    This burger features an organic brown rice and vegetable patty topped with fresh rocket, tomato, red onion, tofu bacon, and tofunaise and is served with sweet potato fries and mixed baby greens. Yum!

Now that you’re craving a veggie burger with the works, how about ditching the meat, eggs, and dairy products and taking the Pledge to Go Veg? And if you’re already consuming a cruelty-free vegan diet, tell us: What is the best vegan burger near you?

Posted by Jason Baker