Video: This ‘Pig’ Is Celebrating Chinese New Year by Asking People to Go Vegan

Posted on by PETA

As celebrations begin all around the world for the Year of the Pig, a cute “pig” took to the streets of Chinatown in Metro Manila to remind locals and tourists alike to keep pigs off their plates all year round by going vegan.

PETA volunteers also distributed free copies of PETA’s vegan starter kit to passersby.

Considered by animal behaviorists to be smarter than dogs, pigs are clever animals who are also friendly, loyal, and intelligent. Contrary to stereotypes, they are naturally very clean and avoid soiling their living areas. When they’re not confined on factory farms, they spend hours playing, lying in the sun, and exploring their surroundings with their powerful sense of smell.

Yet almost all the millions of pigs killed for food every year around the world are raised on crowded, filthy factory farms before they’re shoved and prodded onto trucks bound for slaughter.

People who take the time to learn about pigs realize that they’re sentient beings who want to live free from suffering, just like our faithful dogs and cats do.

What You Can Do

The best way to show pigs and all animals respect this Chinese New Year is to stop eating them. Pledge to adopt a humane diet—go vegan today!