Prison Suit–Clad PETA Members Protest Against Life Sentences for Animals

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Dressed in prison suits and chimpanzee masks, PETA members braved the scorching Dubai heat to draw attention to the plight of animals who languish inside the barren and decrepit Dubai Zoo. Of course, a prison suit is nothing compared to the fur coats that many of the animals inside the zoo wear!

Dubai Zoo: PETA Members Protest Against Life Sentences for Animals

The protesters’ point? That animals in zoos are subjected to a lifetime of boredom, misery, and loneliness. The Dubai Zoo has frequently come under fire for housing animals in decrepit and barren enclosures. In nature, many animals roam numerous square kilometers each day—activity that is essential to their well-being—but the entire Dubai Zoo measures only 0.02 square kilometers.

Jojo the chimp at the Dubai Zoo

Jojo, a chimpanzee at the Dubai Zoo, frequently paces and exhibits other repetitive behavior—a sign that he has been driven crazy from confinement.

The bear at the Dubai Zoo

This brown bear—who is native to cooler countries such as Canada—has no way to cool off in Dubai's desert climate.

What can you do to help? It’s as simple as refusing to support attractions that imprison animals for the sake of “entertainment.” Take our pledge to boycott zoos today!

Posted by Edward Basse