PHOTOS: Hunky Celeb Rafael Rosell Goes Shirtless in New Pro-Vegan PETA Ad

Posted on by Nirali Shah

Filipino actor and celeb Rafael Rosell teamed up with PETA Asia to star in a brand-new campaign shot by top photographer Wesley Villarica.

Rafael Rosell for PETA Asia. Philippine Star.




Posing shirtless and wearing angel wings on top of the clouds, the divine-looking Rosell exposed his washboard abs while holding a sign that read, “Earn Your Wings, Go Vegan.” The campaign is designed to help expose the suffering of animals in the industrialized meat and dairy industries.

Rafael urges everyone to save lives by choosing to opt for healthy and humane vegan meals.

“The most powerful way to be an angel for animals is to stop eating them and their byproducts (such as eggs and dairy),” says Rafael. “I urge everyone to go vegan and enjoy blissful, cruelty-free versions of traditional Filipino dishes such as vegetable kare-kare and tofu sisig”.

The ad reminds his fans that each person who switches to plant-based meals saves many animals annually from immense pain and a terrifying death.




Check out Rafael’s IG account for #veganspiration.

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