Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities Announced!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

That’s right, the results are in, and with your help, PETA has picked the hottest of the hot vegetarian celebs out there. But you won’t find the winners here: We want to hold the suspense just a few seconds longer! You’ll have to crack these clues to reveal the identity of Asia’s and Australia’s sexiest vegetarian men and women:

Asia’s Sexiest Vegetarian Man: Mauja Hi Mauja
Asia’s Sexiest Vegetarian Woman: Nicknamed “Heavenly Queen” by her fans
Australia’s Sexiest Vegetarian Man: We Can Be Heroes
Australia’s Sexiest Vegetarian Woman: “Tegan the Vegan”

Still clueless about the identity of our winners? They’re actually revealed here. And don’t forget to check out the full list of nominees and live like the stars by taking the pledge to be vegetarian for 30 days.

Posted by Ashley Fruno