Shanghai: A City for Dogs!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Shanghai: A City for Dogs!Good news for dog lovers! The new regulation on dog management just passed in the city of Shanghai, and the city incorporated PETA’s recommendation to allow those who already have two licensed dogs to keep them! After protests from fellow dog lovers and PETA’s letter to the government explaining that forcing people to give up their companion animals would mean breaking up families and causing many dogs to lose everything they know, love, and trust, the city had a change of heart.

This new regulation is definitely paving the way for better animal welfare. It provides incentives to dog guardians  to spay and neuter their animals, which will reduce the companion-animal overpopulation problem, and it also implements mandatory licensing rules, which will promote responsible guardianship and lower the risk of abandonment. Let’s give Shanghai a virtual round of applause for doing its part to end companion-animal overpopulation!

By Agnes Tam