Something Fishy Going On at Café Batavia …

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

PETA recently received a complaint from a kind patron of Jakarta’s Café Batavia after a visit to the popular Kota café revealed fish lying on the bottom of their cloudy tanks with their skin peeling off. PETA immediately took action, firing off a letter to management demanding that veterinary care be sought for the ailing fish. A short while later, we received assurance that Café Batavia was stepping up the quality of fish care. The café management wrote the following in an e-mail to PETA Director Jason Baker:

I would like to express our apology for the complaints that have been informed by our Customer and for the future time we would make sure with the fish supplier and also continuously checking and improved procedures for handling condition of the fish & the tank. I would guarantee to you that it would not be happen again in the future time as the operational team have take serious action and attention for it.

Cafe Batavia fish

Although they’re probably still longing for their ocean home, the fish now look healthy.

Although PETA is opposed to keeping fish in tanks simply because filling a glass cube with water can never compare to the vast oceans they would call home in the wild (duh!), we’re thrilled that Café Batavia took immediate action to remedy the situation and prevent the worst suffering of these intelligent and social animals.

Remember: Don’t ever be afraid to speak up for the welfare of fish, or any other animal. Fish aren’t cute and cuddly like cats, dogs, and bunnies, but they suffer just the same.

Posted by Rochelle Regodon