Stars Shine for Mali

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

What do Bianca Valerio, Amanda Griffin Jacob, Geneva Cruz, Daiana Menezes, Sheena Vera Cruz, Julia Sniegowski, Ornusa Cadness, Mia Ayesa, and Sanya Smith have in common? They all want Mali to be free!

Models pose for Mali campaign

The sultry stars took time out of their busy schedules to pose for this eye-catching ad to draw attention to Mali’s suffering. After enduring 36 years of confinement to what amounts to a prison cell, Mali deserves a second chance at life at a sanctuary that can give her opportunities to socialize with other elephants, roam in natural surroundings, and finally receive the expert veterinary care that she so badly needs

“36 years is an eternity. I can’t even imagine what Mali has been through. We need to save her before it’s too late,” says Sanya Smith. “She’s been stuck in a concrete pen, staring at the same walls, longer than I have even been alive. Her suffering is unimaginable.”

The ad was shot by ace photographer Niccolo Cosme. The makeup and hair team included Anju Dargani of Magic by Anju Dargani, Gale Malimban, and Nina Dumpa, Aislynn Liao, Celine Ner, Kimberly Ann Chua, Eula Paula Esmeralda, and Viv Flores from the Philippine Make-Up Artists Association.

Want to join the fight for Mali’s freedom? Follow the campaign on Facebook, and don’t forget to take action.

Posted by Ashley Fruno