Protect Animals Too

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk recently authored this great article, published in The Huffington Post, to draw attention to a recurring problem―that victims of disasters are so often forced to leave their animal companions behind.

Last week in Japan, I witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of forcing people to leave their animals during disasters. While some people were lucky and were reunited with their animals, many had to stay in unsafe homes when evacuation centers turned their animals away, and others told heartbreaking tales of animals they had not seen since the earthquake and tsunami ravaged the region.

Remember, if conditions are too dangerous for you, they are too dangerous for your animal companions. If at all possible, take animals with you when forced to evacuate. In the wake of catastrophic earthquakes and storms, animals just aren’t safe if they are left alone.

For more information on how to protect animals in the event of natural disasters, please check out this vital information on PETA Asia’s website, and please, share it with everyone you know.

Posted by Ashley Fruno