Study Reveals, Whips = Useless

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

© Liss Ralston

A new study by two University of Sydney veterinarians revealed that whipping racehorses did not make a difference in the final outcome of the race. The deciding factor? The horses’ performance in the first part of the race, when they were not being whipped.

“This study has found that jockeys use whips just as people would expect – to try to make their slowing horse recover speed in the closing stages of a race in the hope they will get a place. That’s not surprising. What is surprising is the finding that whipping doesn’t make any difference,” says RSPCA’s chief scientist, Dr. Bidda Jones. “Jockeys may as well save their energy, keep their hands on the reins, and head straight for home. Their horses will be so much better off for it.”                              

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Posted by Rochelle Regodon