Ten Things Fido Would Tell You if He Could Talk

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

1. Please get us spayed or neutered. It can reduce or eliminate our risk of getting cancer.

2. I am a pack animal, and I need to be part of the family. Please let me live indoors with you.

Photo credit: Jenny Chrisinger

3. I need to go outside at least four times a day. Can you imagine only getting to go to the bathroom once or twice a day?

Photo credit: Susan Rayfield and PETA US

4. Please give me lots of exercise by taking me for long walks, and let me stop and smell the roses (or daisies). I love to explore, and our walks are my opportunity to express my natural curiosity.

5. Please don’t ever leave me alone in a car. Even on a mild day, the inside of a car can reach more than 70°C in minutes. I don’t perspire like you do and can quickly succumb to heatstroke.

6. Please train me with positive reinforcement. If you don’t train me, I won’t know that I’m not supposed to eat the birthday cake off the dinner table.

7. Play with me, and give me toys. But always supervise me to make sure that I don’t accidentally get in trouble.

8. Please get me a harness in addition to a collar. Harnesses are safer and much more comfortable than collars when attached to a leash.

9. I’ll get depressed without a social life, just as you would. So let me “chat” and play with other dogs on walks and at parks, or set up play dates for me.

10.  Please check the labels on my dog food! You’d be amazed at some of the unhealthy ingredients in some of that stuff.

Posted by Ashley Fruno