The Crackdown on Cruel Crush Videos

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

If you think the recent WikiLeaks controversy is crazy, check out these slipped secrets: A purported “insider” from a group of people behind a rash of “crush fetish” videos in China recently spilled the beans on what’s really going on with all those sick images.

We’ve been monitoring this situation for a few months now and have offered rewards in our quest to shut these people down. They’re pretty tough to find (obviously what they’re doing is so sick, they do their best to hide), but we examine the evidence and work with local officials to try to nab them. Before this girl finally stepped out of the shadows, we were offering a pretty sizable reward to help encourage people to find her.

From getting crushed for fetish videos to being anally electrocuted on fur farms, rabbits sure don’t get much of a break. Help rabbits out by joining our team today!

Posted by Jason Baker