New Film ‘The Game Changers’ Changes Everything | Now on Netflix!

Posted on by PETA

Forget everything that you thought you knew about eating meat. From Academy Award winners James Cameron and Louie Psihoyos, director of The Cove, comes a new film that is about to turn the biggest and longest-held meat myth on its head. The Game Changers chronicles “a quest for the truth” that ultimately became “a shocking exposé of the world’s most dangerous myth.”

The film, which is now on Netflix, follows military combat instructor and former Ultimate Fighting Championship martial artist James Wilks. After being badly injured, he began researching what he could do to help his body recover. His search became a five-year quest that led him to four continents and dozens of the world’s top athletes and nutrition experts. “What I discovered was so revolutionary, with such profound implications for performance, health, and the future of the planet itself, that I had to share it with the world,” he says.

Among the experts Wilks meets are Arnold Schwarzenegger, two-time World Surfing Champion Tia Blanco, and world record–holding strength athlete Patrik Baboumian. They all agree that meat, egg, and dairy consumption is a barrier to optimal health.

Schwarzenegger, who has been dairy-free for 40 years, notes, “If they tell you to eat more meat to be strong—don’t buy it.”

Olympic silver medalist and seven-time USA Cycling National Champion Dotsie Bausch is another vegan athlete heavily featured in the documentary. She also hung out with PETA U.S. to read through some mean tweets and debunk some major myths about going vegan:

When Dotsie’s not busy taking on Twitter trolls, she’s disrupting the dairy industry through her organization Switch4Good. And fun fact: When Dotsie won her silver medal in the 2012 Olympics, she was the oldest Olympic competitor in history in her cycling discipline—a remarkable feat that was no doubt powered by her plant-based diet!

You can change your game right now by pledging to go vegan. And inspire others to go vegan by hosting your own screening of The Game Changers—stream it now on Netflix or download it on iTunes.